Swedish Mustangs Photo Gallery

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  A beautiful shot of a J26 being refuelled. (Source)
  This J26 struck another aircraft after landing in April 1946 and was later used as an instructional airframe with its wings removed. (Source)
  A P-51B Mustang of Wing F16, photographed on 27 July 1950 at Uppsala. (Photo: Lars Olausson) (Source)
  A beautiful side view of a J26 Mustang. (Photo: Ulf Gummesson) (Source)
  A swedish pilot boards his Mustang. (Photo: Evert Andersson) (Source)
  A beautiful shot of thge flightline at Uppsala. (Photo: Carl Åke Bergman) (Source)
  Pilots of F16 in front of a J26. (Source)
  J26 (#26020) of F16 warming up. (Photo: Evert Andersson) (Source)
  J26s on the flightline. (Photo: Evert Andersson) (Source)
  A damaged J26. (Source)



  An olive drab and sky coloured J26. (Source)
  Olle Åhnstrand (?) of Wing F16, 1946. (Photo: Evert Andersson) (Source)
  Swedish pilots pose in front of a J26 Mustang. (Photo: Evert Andersson) (Source)
  Two J26s in flight. (Source)
  Over a snow-covered landscape, 1953. (Source)
  Over Uppsala, 1953. (Source)
  Ready for take-off at Uppsala, in 1952. (Source)
  J26 in flight in April 1953. (Source)
  An impressive close-up of a Swedish J26 (1952). (Source)


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